miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

Once a year, every now and then she forgets, she forgets all about her past and drives herself crazy at night. Thinking about the flaws and mistakes she's ever made. She's forgetful. She likes to write reminders in her hands. She's a mess. She keeps a lucky charm around her neck to keep her safe at night. She forgets who she is every now and then. She falls in love every once in a while. No one loved her back, of course, but it was worth trying. She’s a bit pretty. Sometimes she wants someone else’s man, but then again she always regrets it. She’s a girl you may know. She’s everybody’s friend. She’s not a lover; she’s just what she is. She writes and dreams about a different reality. She smokes to let out a little life. She’s just someone you know. She’s just someone who appears and vanishes among everybody else. She’s impossible to forget but hard to remember.

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DanielaBarrera dijo...

I know her