lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

50 reasons why she loves me (back in April?)

[I'm not going to admit that when I found that letter in my purse today, I cried a bit]

1. Because you have the cutest, prettiest, most beautiful face I've ever seen, and you don’t realize that.

      2. Because you have gapped teeth.
3. Because your lips look really good in red
4. Because you’re white.
5. Because you’re really girly.
6. Because you dress nice.
7. Because you always smell pretty.
8. Because you’re a scary cat and that makes me feel like I can take care of you. 
9. Because you’re clumsy.
10. Because you don’t have big tits.
11. Because you’re artsy and I suck at that.
12. Because we take the best naps together.
13. Because we can watch anything (movies, series, etc)
14. Because you don’t care I eat like crap.
15. Because you moan really loud.
16. Because you’re the best kisser ever.
17. Because you say “Fuck” when you’re about to cum.
18. Because you drink like Jack Sparrow.
19. Because you’re the cheesiest.
20. Because you think you look really bad ass when you “rap”.
21. Because you sing like shit.
22. Because we can spend all day in bed and it would never get boring.
23. Because you like Interpol.
24. Because you look really pretty when you smoke, and when you eat, and talk, and drink, and sleep…
25. Because you hug me like a koala bear.
26. Because you have your polar bear pajamas.
27. Because you had the guts to live by yourself.
28. Because you like to go to the movies as much as I do.
29. Because you go crazy with cute little animals.
30. Because I think about you 24/7.
31. Because I wish I could spend every hour of every day with you.
32. Because we can spend hours doing nothing.
33. Because I want to live with you
34. Because I want to marry you
35. Because I want to have 3 puppies in our backyard.
36. Because I want to see what a great mother you’d be.
37. Because I want to wake up early to make you breakfast. 
38. Because I want to make you happy.
39. Because I don’t want you to be anyone else’s.
40. Because I’m yours, and will always be.
41. Because I don’t want to be without you.
42. Because I want to do everything with you.
43. Because I want to make up for the past 3 years.
44. Because you have been the bestest friend.
45. Because I don’t love anyone like I love you.
46. Because I have loved you since I saw you.
47. Because your heart is broken into little pieces, and some of it is my fault, and I want to spend every day of my life putting it back together.
48. Because I truly believe you’re my soulmate.
49. Because you have been the best that has ever happened to me. You are everything I want.
50. Because I love you more than I know of.

It’s really hard for me to believe all that (after everything that happened), but I guess she must’ve stayed for a reason, right?I’m just really glad we’re taking this trip together and she didn't actually have to re-sell her plane tickets. (Jumps and makes pirouettes of joy)
I really hope everything she says, it's actually what she feels and she plans to do. 

I love you senselessly, G. 

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